Fast But No Cigar—the iPhone Keeps its Spot Above Android in Advertisements

Google’s Android OS might be exploding in market share and drastically increasing its ad-based revenue, but Apple iPhone has managed to keep its lead. According to mobile advertisement network Millennial Media, last month Android actually created more revenue than the iPhone did. The iPhone however, has kept its lead in overall advertisement served up to customers. Why the reason for the drop but the overall lead maintenance? Apple competes directly with Millennial Media.

In order to get a clear picture of the often quoted but little understood mobile advertising industry, you have to factor in competitors. Apple runs its own iAd advertisement network which siphons off revenue from competitors like Millennial Media. The fact that Apple is willing to go head to head against third parties might be an aggressive move, but has managed to make Apple literally billions. The ad money is flowing in iAd, not competitors and while iOS keeps its overall lead in the number of shown advertisements displayed from advertisement companies, it makes sense that Android has managed to finally beat the iPhone once. Apple doesn’t care; more people are doing more online with the iPhone and other iOS products. Overall market share for Apple in the smartphone advertisement category is still tracked at 46% by Millennial Media compared to 29% from Google’s Android.

What should be noted is that Apple is literally rolling in cash. It’s not popular to point out that the iPhone is just a smartphone and not a smartphone operating system really like Android is but if you take a hard look at the numbers, Apple makes the most smartphones of any company. Even according to the numbers provided by Millennial Media, Apple made 30% of the smartphones in use on the network. In comparison, smartphones made by Motorola are at 15.28% and Samsung models have 14.1%. That put things into perspective? Apple also makes more per smartphone sold than other manufacturers. There is a reason after all that Apple’s stock market value just keeps climbing through the rough. It makes money.

So what do you think? Can Apple maintain its place? Apple needs to release some updated iAd network statistics so we can get a fair comparison?  Does Apple CEO Steve Jobs just have a dispute against Google and Adobe? He’s taking them both on at once and it looks like he’s got a solid fighting chance. Oh Silicon Valley. Your corporate but sometimes personal disputes get us better products. Anyone else waiting for a reality TV show featuring some major tech industry CEO’s? Now that would be entertainment.

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