iPhone 6 Improves Touch ID and add’s a Beat’s by Dre Chip


New details about Apple next generation iPhone 6 emerge! Rumors surrounding Apples iPhone usually begin to crop up a few weeks after the last generation device gets launched. The wild speculation usually takes on a life of its own and very rarely do some of the details comes into fruition upon the devices launch. Many moons have passed since Apple introduced the iPhone 5S and today were here to take a gander at what the iPhone 6 is expected to be. Last we heard the handset would have a 4.7 inch screen and measure in at a mere 6mm thin. Previous to that the handset was expected to have a 4.9 inch screen and today while there is no new information surrounding its screen size new details have emerged.

Previous rumors surrounding the iPhone 6 have given the device Wi-Fi 802.11ac as well as the long awaited NFC connectivity. Additionally these previous pieces of news suggested Apple has improved the devices Touch ID and will be implemented on the iPhone 6. The good news here Is that a new leak seems to confirm all of those small details and goes on to make a few new unknown claims about the forth coming handset. According to the new rumors the iPhone 6 will come with Apple’s A8 processor and will be clocked at 2.0 GHz. This is said to be a first as the clock speed on previous iPhone models has never really be completely clear. Additionally the new rumors suggest that the iPhone 6 will come with a special chip that will detect if your Beat’s by Dre headphones are connected and if they are the chip will optimize the devices output for the headphones. PocketNow makes a good point in mentioning that iOS 8 and Apple’s proprietary Lighting connection can output HD audio and quite possibly may have something to do with this Beat’s by Dre chip. The iPhone 6 is expected get its official announcement on September 9th.

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