iPhone 6 aka iPhone Air Rumored to measure in at 6mm thin and have a 4.7 inch screen?


The iPhone 6 aka the iPhone Air rumored to launch with a 4.7 inch screen and an 8 mega pixel camera? A new year is under way and only a few days in the iPhone rumors begin! As you know a new year eventually means a new iPhone and true to iPhone tradition the rumors have started. The details surrounding the next generation iPhone have come and gone since the launch of the 5S, however the iPhone 6 possibly known as the iPhone Air is surfacing into the headlines again. This time however to talk size and camera!

Ah, the next generation iPhone. The latest rumors surrounding the iPhone 6 are from the China Post. The details of the device from the publication suggest the iPhone 6 will carry with it a measly 8 mega pixel camera. The iPhone 5S currently takes amazing photos with its 8 mega pixel sensor and you know that saying, if it aint broke. The big question however is can another iPhone with an 8 mega pixel sensor compete with the likes of say, the Xperia Z1’s 20 mega pixels sensor, or the standard or even the rumor that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will sport a 16 mega pixel camera. If you know anything about mega pixels you should be aware they don’t guarantee good pictures. However mind share is valuable and the more mega pixels the better. Last week however an Apple patent surrounding optical stabilization surfaced into the headlines. So it is possible Apple has a few camera tricks up their sleeve that will deem mega pixels irrelevant, something along the lines of HTC’s Ultrapixel cameras. Next up, another leak surrounding the next generation iPhone shows off a piece of the devices innards. According to the leaky pictures picked up by 9to5Mac we see an internal housing that is said to support a touch screen that would measure in somewhere around 4.7 inches. The details go on to state that naturally the housing would be thinner than the iPhone 5S and measure in at about 6mm. The rumor surrounding this super thin build also names the next generation iPhone, the iPhone Air.

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