iPhone 5S Rumors Heat Up With Colors!

In midst of Apple releases a lot of people are always wondering what’s next! Even after the release of the latest and greatest iPhone 5 many end users and interested parties wanted to know what the next version of the iPhone has in store. Whether the intrigue stems from purchasing decisions, or pure excitement, the next big thing from Apple is always at the forefront of the rumor mill and the next generation iPhone 5 has just perpetuated itself to the top. In the past rumored Apple products were pretty hard to gauge and confirming details were left out of circulation. However leaky details seem to seep from all corners of the market and a new look at the iPhone 5S have just come into focus.

Early last month rumors of Apple’s iPhone 5S hit the mill and small details and analyst opinions have been steadily been appearing in the wild since. Details from last month’s iPhone 5S rumors come from the China Times and reports the company has jump started the 5S’s production for an early 2013 release while alternate information from the Digitimes suggests a mid 2013 release. Ultimately the information states that Apple wants to be ahead of their demand and iron out any manufacturing kinks that may present themselves as delays when launch time nears. Fast forward the clocks to just last week and new information surrounding the soon to be famous iPhone 5S hit the mill and provide pictures! The pictures provide a clear cut of the back section of what seems to be two different iPhone 5 housings. Small internal changes reposition some screws and show off other small differences in build. Other details of this hardware being 5S in nature points to the FCC badge’s on the rear of the housing being blocked out with X’s, while seemingly unimportant, this is common place for Apple prototypes. While these pictures of rumored hardware are nice to gawk at a grain of salt should be taken with them as we could indeed be looking at the housing of a scrapped design for the original iPhone 5. This morning however has brought the interwebs a new perspective on what may be improved with the iPhone 5S by way of market analysis. Before Jefferies analyst Peter Misek had anything to say, all we had was a picture of hardware and some rumblings from the manufacturing world. Today with help from some industry insiders we have some details as to what will make the 5S better! While Misek’s reputation on predicting Apple products has been hit and miss his predictions on the 5S sound good and reasonable. The analyst has gone on record stating the iPhone 5S will come into this world with a “super HD” touch screen and camera, a better battery (which is not to say larger), and NFC connectivity. Additionally he adds “possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+, 128 GB of storage”.  But the one suggestion that Misek laid forward is the iPhone 5S will be offered in six to eight different color options, similar the infamous iPod devices.  While a time frame is still up in the air, it should be pointed out that Misek predicted the 4S launch, while most were expecting the 5.

Anyone interested? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you’d like to see in the new iPhone 5S. Do you think NFC and color options will come with the iPhone 5S? Let us know below and remember we carry the very best in Apple accessories the world over!

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