So What Really Will Be in the iPhone 5?

Apple’s iPhone is always a source for speculation and the company’s coming iPhone 5 is no exception. The last model brought FaceTime, Gorilla Glass and a whole lot of dropped calls. What is expected to be in the iPhone 5? Here is a rundown on the rumors, speculation and what little facts are available for what might just be the most anticipated smartphone ever.


Near field communications or NFC is a very short-range, wireless communications system that has applications in digital wallet technology for smartphones. Apple is widely expected to have NFC abilities in the iPhone 5 and has the patents and personnel to pull it off. The company is also looking into future uses of NFC like syncing any Macintosh to your home Mac temporarily through your iPhone…

Space Age Metals

Apple licensed a technology called ‘Liquid Metal’ back in August. The stuff is twice as strong as titanium and as easy to process as plastic. However, it does scratch. That is where a new Apple patent fits in. The patent describes a system for coating stainless steel with a microscopic layer of nitride. Nitride is very scratch resistant and through the process, the protected metal does not look altered or coated in anything. Finally, some scratch-proof devices on the horizon?

User Authentication

Apple has been storing away patents that describe the use of biometric security. These security features would allow an iPhone to detect who was holding it through sensors, verify users through the FaceTime camera or even analyze their voice like something out of science fiction. I don’t know if any of this will make it into the iPhone 5, but we can hope.

World Phone

What is a ‘World Phone’? That is a good question since the term has been getting thrown around a lot with the coming DROID 2 World and all of the rumors claiming that Apple’s iPhone 5 will have the coveted title. A world phone is a phone that can be used globally, regardless of carrier or network technology. The iPhone 5 is expected to have both CDMA and GSM network technology combined onto a single component. This means that it will work no matter where you are, provided the phone is unlocked and you have either an international roaming plan or buy minutes from a local carrier.

Multiple Sizes

This is one is tricky. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has come out and said that no 7” iPad model will be built because the screen is too small to make a tablet useful. Rumors as to an iPhone mini and an iPhone with larger dimensions have been cropping up. Take them with a grain of salt, but who knows, we might just get more than one iPhone 5 in the latter half of next year.

Which of these features do you want to see the most in the next iPhone?

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