Will the iPhone 5 officially unlock Apple’s magic to all carriers?


As the iPhone 5 madness heats up it seems that rumors of its launch, looks and availability just dig deeper into the hole of rumor. A new rumor has started popping up recently, aimed specifically in regard to the iPhone 5’s availability. No when per say, but where. This is a topic that is near to my heart. As an avid Apple computer user and Sprint customer I have been waiting in the wings for my very own Sprint iPhone for some time now. During this time I have been lucky enough to use a rather large Sprint branded Android device and have come to love the large screen. With the rumors of the iPhone 5 sporting a slightly larger screen and it’s seemingly inevitable launch under the black and yellow moniker it would seem that my iPhone dreams are coming into fruition…hopefully.

A while back Apple posted a job listing looking for CDMA specialist to work out of the Kansas area. After foolishly applying to the job posting, it dawned on me that Sprint’s HQ is located in Kansas and they use CDMA technology! The job posting, (which I actually didn’t apply to) was edited shortly after it broke as evidence to a forthcoming Sprint iPhone and redirected its location back to Cupertino. If that wasn’t enough evidence of the iPhone making its way to all carriers in the near future, the Tmo iPhone 4 testing device that was recently spotted should sum that up. But outside of any of that is logic no? At this point in the game I don’t think we need Citadel’s Securities analyst  Shing Yin to tell us that total carrier coverage for the iPhone  is just around the bend, but it does sound more official right? This morning Yin published his insight into a Sprint iPhone becoming more and more likely as we move forward. His theories cite Verizon’s move to tiered data, this would leave Sprint as the nation’s only carrier that still offers truly unlimited data and according to the analytics, Apple seems to like that premise. So the next question is when. Well if business has anything to do with it Sprint would want it on shelves for the upcoming holiday season and according to Yin “we see little reason for Apple to hold back.” 

At this point the iPhone has lost its exclusivity with At&t and is roaming (no pun intended) the free range with Verizon and is surely not exclusive. Yin’s analysis or foresight is stock/business related. If you’re buying and selling stocks check it out. But if you want to know when a Sprint iPhone will be released, just wait until the iPhone 5. There is nothing holding Apple back at this point and the likeliness of a Sprint and T-Mobile iPhone seems very certain.

The only question left is when that happens how long can the data stay truly unlimited? I’m hype for an iPhone 5 on the big black and yellow are you? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of the possibilities.

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