Some Power iPhone 5 Accessories

Keeping your iPhone 5 safe is a matter of trust! Do you trust yourself to keep its amazing hardware from hitting the ground or getting scrapped by a foolish misstep? Well if your answer is yes, hopefully you have your iPhone 5 insured. If you’d rather play it safe, we can help with our ever growing selection of fine iPhone 5 cases and covers. In the same breather however, keeping your iPhone 5 fully charged, synced and ready when you are is a whole different can of worms especially with its new Lightning connector.

We carry a seemingly endless selection of iPhone 5 accessories that will have no problem keeping your new iPhone 5 fully charged and synced. But first, adapters! If you’re a new to iPhone, then this may not affect you, however if you are vest in iPhone since its original or even just since the 4 4S, we have a few adapters that may save you some cash. Take this iPhone 5 30 pin to Lightning adapter for example. The cable between the two end measures in at 3.5 inches and can easily convert your old 30 pin chargers and data cables into the 8 pin Lighting connector we have all come to love. An additional, more “stubby” approach would be this iPhone 5 30 pin to Lighting adapter. While the difference between the two adapters is pretty obvious, they will both allow you to use your old 30 pin chargers and cables seamlessly. All adapters not only support iPhone 5, they also support iPad Mini as well as the 4th generation iPad.

While adapters are effective and surely can handle what you need them to. Some may choose to update their chargers and cables across the board! While it may be a bit more affordable to stick with the adapters, sometimes perfection is important! This awesome new At&t iPhone 5 Car charger with USB port is a perfect start. Compatible with all variations of the iPhone 5 carrier exclusive or not this awesome car charger easily makes a solid connection from your cars charging port to your iPhone 5. The charger also supports dual device charging as an additional USB output can be found hiding behind the At&t logo. Slide that open, connect a compatible cable and charge any mobile device that might be along with you for the ride (excluding tablets). When you need power while not on the move, we can also help. This simple, but awesomely effective Apple iPhone 5 Power Adapter should look very familiar! This is indeed the OEM charger that you’ll need to get some juice. Simple make a connection, and your off and charging!

Last, but surely not least is data cables. We carry a wide variety of iPhone 5 sync and charge Lightning cables in all kinds of colors and lengths. Check out these new Tangle Free iPhone 5 Lighting Cables, these perfect cables are flat for less tangle, measure in at 3 feet 3 inches and are offered up in blue, red, green, purple, yellow, hot pink, orange and pink. We also carry standard white iPhone 5 Lighting connector cables as well as a iPhone 5 ten foot Lightning cable option that will allow you to move away from the outlet when charging. All Lighting cables not only support iPhone 5, they also support iPad Mini as well as the 4th generation iPad.

With out seemingly endless selection of high quality iPhone 5 accessories and utilities, you can rest assured you have what you need to stay productive while on the move with your iPhone 5.

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