The Essential iPhone 5 Accessories

Ah the iPhone. A smart device with the intrigue of an elusive sports car crafted of premium material with a class leading design. The iPhone first made its appearance back in 2007 and the world has not been the same since. In its sixth generation the iPhone 5 is continuing to separate its heritage from the pack. The latest iPhone comes to us in a package crafted from aluminum and glass that screams, it need super car attention or a really nice and protective case. Luckily for you we specialize in iPhone 5 accessories that can ensure your new iPhone is always protected, charged, synced and ready when you are. Let’s take a gander at some of the latest in iPhone 5 accessory options shall we?

With a new version of anything, you may encounter change and nothing in the mobile world spells change, like the iPhone 5’s new Lighting connector. For the past five years or so Apple has produced their amazing handsets with a 30 pin connection for audio, charging and syncing, a new design has brought change into the end users hand. But no problem, we carry the best iPhone 5 30 pin to Lighting adapter available. This perfect adapter will allow you to use your older 30 pin chargers with your new phone. Affordable, compact and to the point this adapter is sure to save you some money and frustration on new chargers. Simply connect your old charger and your good to go. But when charging anything, adapters are sometimes an added step that is un-needed. With this iPhone 5 Lightning to USB cable you’ll be able to make a physical connection to your phone and chargers without any need for adapters. This simple Lightning cable can be used to charge and sync data from your computer or can be used in your USB wall or car charger. A simple cable with endless possibilities.

Easy ways to charge and sync your iPhone 5 have been cropping up all over the place. Some with pointless bells and whistles and some that just want to help. Check out this iPhone 5 Sync and Charge cradle. This perfect cradle has a pivoting Lighting connector strategically placed in the base of the cradle that when connected can easily support a standing iPhone 5 even when your phone is cased in slim or low profile case types. The cradle comes with a micro USB cable, a standard USB wall charger, and of course the cradle. The cradle can be connected directly into a wall outlet as well as a computer for syncing and charging purposes. A cradle like this knows that you need an easy, tangle free way to charge that is practically handing you your phone when it’s time to go!

The screen on your new iPhone 5 is tough! No doubt about it. Fashioned from some of the toughest glass known to man, the iPhone’s screen can surely take a beating. But what it can’t do is hide itself from prying eyes (not yet at least). This iPhone 5 Mirrored Screen Protector will take it upon itself to protect your invaluable screen, but also keep those pesky snoopers from seeing anything on your screen. With a mirrored design, the only viewer that will be able to see what is on the screen is the first person user with a straight forward view.

Last, but surely not least is protecting. As the builds of iPhone’s become more intricate keeping them safe from our day to day becomes a bit harder! Our large selection of iPhone 5 cases and covers continues to grow and offer up awesome selections that protect, stylize and separate your iPhone 5 from the crowd. A perfect example is this awesomely thin, iPhone 5 Ultra Thin Bluetooth Keyboard case.  Also offered in White this amazingly thin shell style case option fashions a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard into itself to offer up iPhone 5 users a fully functional keyboard as well as some awesome protection. With streamlined access to all, buttons, ports, features and functions this iPhone 5 keyboard case is a perfect companion for those who need to stay busy, but are also interested in protecting their investments.

With a few simple iPhone 5 Accessories your experience with your phone can be taken to the next level, its premium hardware can be protected from even the harshest of environments and you can rest assured that your rather expensive new gadget will last as long as you need it to. Check out our large and ever growing selection of fine iPhone 5 accessories today!

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