15 Million iPhone 5’s enter into production?

iPhone 5 rumors starting heating up pretty much the same day the iPhone 4 was announced. As the launch of a new iPhone grows closer more analysts and people close to the issue drop little pieces of info that usually just arouse more questions. Currently as the rumors persist there are two lines of thought. One the next iPhone would be a mere ‘refresh’ of the iPhone 4. Basically an iPhone 4S, similar to the improvements found from the iPHone 3 to the 3GS. The other notion is a major upgrade that would outdate the iPhone 4 with an all new iPhone 5. And with most things’ Apple, we will have to wait and see. However some news out of China reports the orders have been submitted and the manufacturing process is under way.

According to the sometimes on point Digitimes orders for the iPhone 5 have been invoiced and are in the process of being fulfilled. Pegatron is a large design and manufacturing firm based out of Taiwan and according to the news has just received a massive order for 15 million iPhone 5’s. As expected Pegatron declined to comment on these reports, however sources close to the topic has pointed to some details surrounding the iPhone’s future. According to the Digitimes sources the iPhone 5 “does not seem to have any major update from iPhone 4” and is ready to ship in September. So even with news of 15 million new iPhone under production the verdict is still out.

 Will it be a entirely new model with the iPhone 5 or will we be seeing an internally upgraded iPhone 4S? It would at least be safe to assume that the new iPhone will come equipped with an A5 processor and that lurking rumor of an 8 mega pixel camera. But what about a redesign with a slightly larger screen and more carrier options, ok those last two are my own wants! 

But what do you think? Will it be an iPhone 5 with an entirely new design, or will we be looking forward to an iPhone 4 with an A5 processor and a slightly better camera?

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