Slightly Redesigned iPhone 4S surely on its way

The iPhone rumors are continuing as they always do when it’s been over a month since the last iteration was launched. It’s been around 14 months since the launch of the iPhone 4 and the rumors of the next generation iPhone or simply put Apple’s next move in the mobile world are heating up. In case you were wondering, when Apple is due to launch a new device into the mobile market the rumors and leak sniffing ramps up to its limit. As a bit of a refresher the latest in iPhone rumors put an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 on the streets in the next coming months. The 4S to be a lower end iPhone with the same design as the iPhone 4, while the iPhone 5 is said to have a redesign and cater to the ‘pro’ market or, well the market of iPhone users as it exists now.

While the iPhone 5 has really shown no leaks over the interwebs, it seems that it’s under spec’ed cousin is showing up all over the place. Initial the design of the new iPhone started getting its buzz as it usually does when case makers based out of China started pumping out pictures of their new case options. After the case outings there are usually a barrage of variants and components. We are currently at the components part of the new iPhone rumor mill. Today Engadget released some new pictures of some more components of what is currently being called the iPhone 4S. The N94 is the code name for a current iPhone prototype and if the pictures are to be believed it seems that we do indeed have an iPhone 4 variant on its way. Earlier this month Reuters dropped the 8GB iPhone 4 bomb on the industry and pretty much set in stone for those interested that there will be a new iPhone 4S model to cater to the lower end markets. So currently we have seen a newly designed chassis, a redesigned logic board that may or may not fit an A5 processor, a back cover and now the front panel of the N94. At this point it seems almost guaranteed that Apple will be launching a variant of the wildly popular iPhone 4. Or does it? The most recent leak of the N94’s screen comes with an EVT1 branding which stands for “engineering verification test” and is dated March 3rd 2011. The only difference that is noticeable on this N94’s display unit is a small dot that is located to the left of the already familiar sensor. So its still anyones guess at this point.

My guess is a cheaper (even cheaper than you think) iPhone 4S for the mid to entry level buyers and an iPhone 5 which will subsequently give the iPhone a Pro sector. Just my thoughts though. What do you think of Apples new iPhone plans? Is the iPhone 4S just a ploy to keep us all guessing? Or will Apple introduce two new iPhone models in the coming months? Oh and in case you’re wondering the Apple’s iPhone plans are rumored to be announced sometime in September or October. And of course you can find all your Apple accessories here at WirelessGround.Com

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