Will the Next iPhone be the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5?

So will it be an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5? That is the current mobile question to be answered and if you guess right, you’ll own the interweb’s for about an hour or so when the news becomes official. Currently there are iPhone “4S” devices out and about in the hands of developers/testers. But what if those iPhone 4’S were just a cover up from Apple to avoid the exposure the original iPhone 4 received. If you remember correctly the iPhone 4 was in the hands of an Apple employee and cased to be perceived as an iPhone 3Gs. Then subsequently sold to the highest bidder who took the ‘case’ off, yea we all know the story. So that’s just my theory in regard to the new light that has been shed on the drama surrounding the future of the iPhone. So those iPhone 4S devices were simply iPhone 5’s under 4 cover – get it.

Apple's iPhone 4S - Or is it an iPhone 5 in disguise?

Until now there have been two theories about what Apple will do with its next iPhone. One theory is that they will introduce an iPhone 4S, with updated innards and the type of special sauce that the 3GS brought to the table. The other theory is that Apple will skip the whole ‘S’ thing and go straight to the iPhone 5 with a major redesign in tow. BGR.Com has assumingly blown the door off of the latter of the two theories. The site has confirmed through some back channel ninjas, that the world can expect a “radical new case design” for the forthcoming iphone model. This is corroborated by a recent report from the DigiTimes stating PCB or circuit board manufactures for the iPhone have seen orders from Apple decline citing the volume of recent orders as “disappointing”, which supposedly has only dropped by 10%. Guess that’s a pretty big drop considering the volume shipped.  Details on the new design have been left out of this round of payola but a time frame on the release may be pointing to September. During the lovely month of September Apple traditionally pushes its latest and greatest iPod, you know for the whole back to school thing. It is indeed possible that Apple will break this tradition and launch the new iPhone then, or even both a new iPod and this iPhone 5 thingy. However, according to BGR’s source an August announcement is possible and could potentially land as an early or mid month launch that would be readily available around the last week of August. So be on the lookout for the next iPhone because its coming to a theater near you soon.

The mock up that is pictured here was posted by Thisismynext.com and depicts the redesign of the new iPhone based upon sketches from a source familiar with the design. The overall design is rumored to be taking cues from the new iPod touch and seemingly the iPad 2 as well as a bit of MacBook air. Wherever its inspiration is drawn from the device may have as described by the unknown source a “teardrop” shape which gets a bit thinner as the device tapers off. So there you have it, at least for now. The new iPhone will skip the S’es and go straight to 5.

So all I needed to see was the iOS-ification of OSX with Lion, now just give me a slightly bigger screen and official Sprint connectivity I will surely drop my Android addiction to test Apple’s mobile Kool-Aid. But in the mean time, let us know what you think of the new iPhone 5 or the new rumors of the upcoming iPhone 5.

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