Announcement likely to bring iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

Tomorrow is the day folks. Finally the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S rumors will cease, of course until the iPhone 6 rumors start up again. October 4th is the day the world gets to see what Apple has been cooking up all this time and finally put the rumors and speculation to rest. Last week the company issued invites to the press for it’s much hyped up coming event. Apples event invite is labeled with the words “Let’s talk iPhone” and we simply cannot wait. While there are legions people that have attempted to decipher the invite and its hieroglyphic markings are still looking to push the mystery, its safe to say there will be some new iPhone goodness from Apple.

Supposed iPhone 4S Screen

As the cat will be let out of the bag in a few hours let’s take a look at where the rumors have taken us up until this point. Early on reports of a redesigned iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 were leaking everywhere. From analysts to industry insiders the Apple’s plan was to launch what is now known as the iPhone 4S. But more analysts and industry insiders claimed the company will launch a newly redesigned iPhone 5 that takes on a bit more screen real estate and packs in the A5 Dual core processor that is found within the current iPad 2. Naturally these two sources of leakage formed one big happy census that most people paying attention to probably assume. Apple will be launching both an iPhone 4S version and iPhone 5. According to early rumors the iPhone 4S will come in an 8GBvariety and be made available at a very affordable price range. Further leaky information has all but confirmed this as the model name and corresponding N90A code name have shown face in the latest build of iTunes beta, at a Brazilian FoxConn plant, on Cincinnati Bell’s website and on numerous accessory options that have made it to retailers. So seeming a mid ranged iPhone 4S is in the works, but anything is possible. Now if you’re still thinking Apple will only launch one device and the iPhone 5 won’t be seen this year, you may want to reconsider. The iPhone 5 was also posted to Cincinnati Bell’s website, its accessory options have been lingering around retailers for weeks now and even the legendary Case Mate has an idea as to what the new device will look like. The iPhone Pro as I like to call it has also shown up in Radio Shacks internal inventory and it is clearly labeled as the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5

iPhone 5 mock up by Ben Miller of German site

has long been rumored to sport a slightly tapered tear drop design and from my eye look very similar to the latest generation iPod touch, just a bit larger and obviously a lot more powerful. The feature picture above is the latest in hand made mock ups and is in line with all the juicy leaks that have occurred over the past 15 some odd months.

So in case you still wondering what the hell Apple will announce tomorrow the general idea is iOS 5 first and foremost, then followed by an iPhone 4S model that gets some internal changes but its outer design stays mostly the same and a totally redesigned iPhone 5. Either way, im totally excited to see the future of the iPhone and these next 13 to 14 hours will be the longest of the year.

Looking forward to a new iPhone model? I know I sure am. Do you think the rumor and speculation are correct this year? Are you excited to know the iPhone may be coming to a carrier near you? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. And don’t forget to check out our huge selection of iPhone 5 accessories as they continue to come in.

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