The iPhone 4S satisfies some as iPhone 5 Rumors continue

The iPhone 4S may have come into this world with a bit of disappointment to all of you waiting on the iPhone 5 (me) but the promise is still lurking. When the invites for the recent iPhone event came around, something inside of me knew there was a delay on the iPhone 5 and a postponed release was imminent. At the end of the heavily rumored event we were left with an impressively updated iPhone 4, in the 4S. While the designed stayed the same, the internals have been bumped for the positive and the continuation of the wait and rumors for the iPhone 5 surely continue.

The iPhone 4S as lack luster as it may be to the masses has done it again. Selling some 4 million units in three days with not so minor interior upgrades the new model has broken At&t and Sprint sales records and is slated to push iPhone sales to 42.5 million in Q4 alone. But what about that darned iPhone 5? Where is it and why did it not launch alongside the 4S? Who knows? Rumors have been circulating that the iPhone 5 was pushed back due to manufacturing delays. While this may be true and have some merit, it may be a safer bet to assume Apple, just scheduled its release for a later date. However the new iPhone 5 rumors have stirred up some new details. The new model is said to carry some emotional value as it was the last project the late Steve Job’s had his hand in before his unfortunate death. It is said that Job’s was involved with the iPhone 5 “from concept to final design”.  Shortly after the launch of the 4S the rumor mill began to churn. According to the trend the iPhone 5 met some serious production delays and was pushed off of the holiday time frame and is now expected to make its world debut during Apple’s Developer Conference which is expected to take place summer of 2012. Sound good? Yea well toss those rumors out the window.

Apple is a very strategic company right? It is very rare leaks get out and future plans are never really known until they are announced. The latest rumor, if you want to call it that says that the iPhone 5 will come equipped with LTE 4G connectivity, ‘or else’. While this may seem obvious…it is. Apple is not known to jump into new technologies feet first until they are proven or robust enough to fit the standards their customers have come to expect. Long story short, in my humble opinion the iPhone 5 will indeed have LTE 4G coverage The rumored delay in its launch stems from Apple needing the carriers to expand a bit more, into more cities and make that connection a bit more solid. However the idea that the iPhone 5 could not compete without LTE radios is ludicrous. So in case you missed anything, the iPhone 5 is rumored to be launching summer 2012 and will be LTE equipped, where available of course.

So you’ve heard mine, but what’s your take? Will the iPhone 5 make its debut next summer? Or will we all have to wait an entire year? Or is the 4S taking care of your needs enough? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the iPhone 5 rumors. Be sure to check out all the best in Apple accessories today.

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