I Wish the 4G iPhone did

The iPhone 4G holds many promises for consumers from all different sectors. It is currently being developed even further to become an all-around device. Much like in sports, pound for pound, the smartphone may be the most functional device there is on the market today. Compared to other electronic devices, the Apple smartphone is improving at a much faster rate than any other device. For the size of the mobile phone, smartphones are built in much like a laptop, with a processor, on board storage and memory. It is able to do what both mobile phones and laptops can do and now even more. Consumers are looking forward to what these little gadgets can do. Here are a few possible suggestions from other consumers on what they would like to see on their future iPhones.

Security is a big issue, most especially with entrepreneurs or those that have sensitive positions or information stored on their Apple smartphone device. It is not common to know of iPhones being stolen and resold to unsuspecting consumers or to steal the info stored on the Apple smartphone. One security feature worth looking forward to would be if iPhones would be able to identify if somebody else other than the user is using the device and give out an alarm. It would give consumers peace of mind knowing that their data is safe or that their smartphone is useless under other people’s hands.

Another ingenious feature would be to know where your iPhone 4G is when you do lose it. The smartphone is a small, light device, easy to misplace, even within the comforts of the home or the office. It would be cool to know where you last placed the device, without turning the house over.

With the all the current developments and secrecy surrounding the iPhone 4G, the possibilities are endless. What do you guys think, what feature would you like to see on your Apple smartphone?

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