Is the iPhone 4G Really Coming to Verizon or Not?

There are conflicting statements with regards to iPhone4G being made available to other carriers. Verizon is said to be the most likely candidate, if Apple Inc. does decide to make their mobile devices no longer exclusive to one carrier. With the current level of services available at AT&T Mobility, it is of little wonder why a number of iPhone fans are excited to hear about the possibility of other carriers offering the device. It is not really an issue of whether it is possible for Apple to sell their devices under different carriers but more of a matter of when this will happen.

Fans and owners of an Apple smartphone may be looking forward to seeing the iPhone 4G under Verizon but it is highly unlikely that this will occur anytime soon. For one, Verizon uses CDMA, which is not compatible with AT&T’s GSM and vice versa. The iPhone 4G would have to be remade in order to be sold under another type of network.

Another reason is Verizon’s previous stand on the iPhone. The carrier previously released advertisements such as the “iDon’t, Droid Does” which showed the Apple smartphone’s shortcomings compared to Verizon’s other products. There is also the campaign which joked about Apple’s slogan “there’s an app for that.” According to a spokesperson for the carrier, they have no issues with smartphones running under different OS types stating, “We pride ourselves on having an array of smart phones on several different operating systems.” However, with their previous campaigns, it may prove more difficult for Verizon to change its public stand on the iPhone.

Currently, Apple is under an exclusivity contract with AT&T. Although there is speculation that the contract will end soon, court documents indicate that the iPhone will be available for other carriers prior to the year 2012.

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