Big sales for the iPhone 4G

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., expects that their newest iPhone will send company sales through the Apple roof this year. Foxconn, the official manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone 4G units, is preparing to make and ship as much as 24 million of these gadgets before the year ends. More than half or 19.5 million are expected to hit stores and sold during the latter parts of the year.

With all eyes waiting what Steve Jobs has to say during WWDC 2010, a lot of consumers are starting to save up on the newest iPhone. Numerous leaks have scattered all over the Internet regarding the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, the added drama and publicity contributing to the mystique of the upcoming device.

Although there were numerous speculations that have filled the online blogs and forums, what we can confirm about the 4G’s specifications completely exceeds those of current iPhones on the market. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, senior analyst for Digitimes, the device will be flaunting a 960 x 640 pixel resolution, approximately 4 times that of the current iPhone 3GS which has 320 x 480. Specifications of the touch sensitive will put it at the same level as the HTC Hero. This would allow for a greater viewing angle as well as be more readable under sunlight. With a thinner screen panel than its iPhone predecessors, it is expected to consume less power.

The iPhone 4G will also have 512 MB worth of RAM, twice that of 3GS’ 256 MB and 4 times that of iPhone 3G, which has 128 MB worth of eDRAM. Having a level of RAM brings it at the same level as some of the other current smartphones, namely the HTC Incredible and the Nexus One.

With the massive amounts of iPhone 4Gs coming this June, some sources indicate that Apple may allow more carriers besides AT&T to sell the device. That is if the exclusivity contract between the two companies does expire this year.

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