Another iPhone 4G Leak, This time In Portugal

The iPhone 4G is expected to be unveiled at the WWDC this month yet the leaks still keep flowing. Considering Apple is previously renowned for being tight on security, the issue is becoming widespread concerning the iPhone 4G. First there was the Gizmodo incident which was followed by prototypes popping up in Vietnam. We will leave it to the readers to decide on whether the 12 suicides (10 successful, 2 attempted) at Foxconn are also related to the leaks. Now, just days before the unveiling, videos started popping in YouTube of an iPhone 4G frame being found in Portugal.

As compared to the previous incidents of leaks, the Portuguese writers seem to have learned from the mistakes of Gizmodo and were more cautious of their statements. Underneath the video, the following statement was written, “These parts were purchased in China by one of our readers (weren’t stolen or found) then delivered to us. We will not reveal the price. Are those parts genuine? We can not (sic) know but we can tell for sure those parts are perfect, have no defects, not faulty at all, there is not even one single difference between the 2 copies we have.”

Apparently it was easy to purchase the device from its source.

Based on the pictures, the frame of this new leak seems legitimate, appearing quite similar to previous leaks known publicly. What is striking (or not) is that it is only a frame and nothing more. It does not show us anything other than what we already know about the device in terms of its looks and physical features. With just a few days left to Steve Job’s keynote speech with various companies already acknowledging that the device is coming, it makes you wonder if these “leaks” are even still worth knowing about.