Leaks Could Hurt iPhone 4G Sales

Although we made a post yesterday that Apple expects their sales of the iPhone 4G to hit through the company roof, there are now reports that Apple is taking legal action for the leaks that are expected to affect their profits.

According to the company attorney George Riley, the release and publication of those leaks were “immensely damaging” to the Apple company stating, “By publishing details about the phone and its features … people that would have otherwise purchased a currently existing Apple product would wait for the next item to be released, thereby hurting overall sales and negatively [a]ffecting Apple’s earnings.”

It is interesting to note that Apple thinks that way considering Steve Jobs himself first divulged of the existence of the iPhone 4G a week before the infamous Gizmodo drama. Analyst from Hapoalim Securities Kevin Hunt states that the preview made by Apple was more revealing than the released pictures as the latter didn’t go into detail as to the iPhone 4G’s features and abilities. He states that, “Everyone knew a new iPhone was coming” and that this whole fiasco is “a bunch of legalese and B.S. from lawyers.”

There is possibly always a David and Goliath drama. In the old days, between Microsoft and Apple, the former was Goliath with the latter being David. Now, the tables have turned with Apple being the mean old giant. They seem to be making too many enemies in such a short period of time. At this point, Apple may not be winning a lot of fans but I don’t think it will deter them from buying Apple stuff. For one, consumers don’t really care where they got the news first as long as they get to know that the device exists and what it can do.  Otherwise, why would Apple have 24 million of these devices made just for this year if they really think it’s not going to do well?

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