iPhone 4G June 2011 ?

Here are some surprising and disappointing news for consumers waiting for the iPhone 4G. According to a recent news report by the International Business Times, the iPhone may be released on June 2011 and not next month as initially reported. The official manufacturer of Appleā€™s products, Foxconn, has also confirmed this report, stating that the much awaited and highly publicized iPhone 4G is coming next year. After numerous reports of leaks and other speculations, it was believed that the next generation of iPhones will be presented this coming June 7th at the WWDC or possibly on June 22nd at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts.

It may take a significantly longer time to release the new iPhone but with good reason, according to Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs has expressed that they will be allocating more attention with regards to making the iPad more available to a greater number of people. Since the iPad was sold over a month ago, the company has been experiencing much difficulty in catching up with the amount of orders and pre-orders made.

In a way, pushing back the release date to 2011 would be better for both the company and Apple fans. Even with the various leaks on iPhone 4G prototypes, a much later release date would give the company enough time to improve aspects of the design and functionality. There have also been reports that the iPhone 4G will be able to connect using 4G networks, much like the EVO 4G by rival company HTC. It would also give AT&T enough time to develop their infrastructure to accommodate 4G demand and speeds.

A number of Apple fans may be disappointed with this change of release dates but it is for the best. Expect better features such as a thinner iPhone, better battery duration as well as new screen technology, only referred to as Organic LED, improving user experience.

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