Ready for iPhone 4G’s Close-Up

The entertainment industry may not have been aware of all the news and updates regarding Apple’s iPhone 4G. Maybe they were not informed about the company’s fondness for keeping a tight lid on their products that are supposedly under development. Regardless of the reason, word has gotten out that a commercial featuring the new iPhone 4G may already be in the works.

Two actors have publicly posted their plans of auditioning for the new Apple iPhone TV commercial and on Twitter no less. Not much else is known about this audition. However, if the director’s name is any indication, then audiences are sure to see a quality commercial unlike no other. Engadget was the first to make headlines of this report. According to their source and a number of Twitter posts, Sam Mendes will be directing a number of adverts for the iPhone 4G. In one of the known pitches for the advert, a mother and daughter will be exploring one of the iPhone’s features, namely the video chat. It seems that they will be using the video chat feature to converse with one another. As the advert will be featuring the iPhone 4G’s front facing camera, this will be confirming earlier leaks released by GIzmodo of the iPhone’s camera.

Sam Mendes is best known for his feature film the American Beauty, released back in 1999. This movie earned the director an Oscar for best director. Other notable achievements include directing films such as Road to Perdition, Jarhead, Revolution Road and Away We Go.

With Steve Job’s announcement coming in a few week’s time, the production of this new advert will be confirming or dispelling rumors that the iPhone 4G is indeed coming really soon, as well as other rumors that have been circulating over the last few weeks. Apple’s CEO will be making the landmark announcement on June 7 at the upcoming WWDC.