Another 4G IPhone surfaces in Vietnam…

Seems as if the internal strangle hold on Apples research and development is a little loose nowadays.  This is most likely far from the case as I’m sure there are some crazy gadgets in their offices that will never be released seen or “leaked”. Nonetheless it has happened again, I’m sure we all recall the recent news of the notoriously famous Apple engineer who in his drunken stupor left Apples prized possession at his favorite watering hole.  Now it seems another of the prototype 4G IPhones is loose in the wilderness.

This news comes out of Vietnam with a YouTube video showing off the reported 4,000 dollar non-working prototype, looks like they got a better deal than the American based website who as of recently have been all over the news.  It is stated by that the “found” prototype is running a test operating system called Bonfire. In this world of technology you can only tell so much by looking at the aesthetic of a device and for the tech inclined the next step is to see what makes it run and that’s just what this lucky man did. Ripping the phone open shows many similarities of the IPhone recently discovered in the states, missing only the screws that mount the backside of the 4G IPhone. When ripped open the guts reveal a custom Apple A4 processor, which can for most confirm the legitimacy of the find. The details of this particular device are still being researched and there will most likely be more from this development in the near future

For now it seems that we have had another chance to take a look, rip apart and dissect the most anticipated release of the year. This makes me think that Apple is strategically doing this to get some feedback, however we all know that Apple could care less about our feedback and would not be sticking to their timeless secretive marketing plan.

Tell us what you think about the new 4G IPhone, will you have one when they release?

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