iPhone 4 Finally Unlocked—Public Release of Hack Coming

For anyone keeping track of the iOS hacking scene, a carrier unlock exploit has finally been found for the iPhone 4. Carrier unlocks allow owners of phones to use them on networks other than what they were issued for. Layman’s terms? Carrier unlocks let iPhones work on T-Mobile and other GSM networks despite Apple and AT&T’s exclusivity contract. While the new unlock has not yet seen a public release (presumably because of fears that the pending antenna reception patch will squash it if it comes out first), it is expected to come out shortly. Most likely right after Apple tries a software fix to a problem that prevented the smartphone from earning a ‘Recommended’ endorsement from Consumer Reports.

The group announcing that they have managed to carrier unlock an iPhone is the iPhone Dev-Team—the same group I mentioned earlier this month here with a detailed explanation of how jailbreak and unlock solutions threaten to undermine Apple’s stranglehold over the wildly popular smartphone.

As a rule of thumb, a working jailbreak is required before a device can be carrier unlocked. This news therefore also points to a jailbreak solution rolling out for newer model iPhone 3GS users with harder to hack boot ROMs. The jailbreak has been strongly rumored for the past several weeks and was reportedly delayed until after iOS 4 shipped to prevent Apple from implementing any last minute changes in response to the exploit.

While the exact date of the first iPhone jailbreak/unlock solution is not yet known, expect it to be here shortly and ready to free your device from the shackles of Apple restrictive policies. Please note however that any attempts to jailbreak and/or unlock an iOS-powered device runs the risks of permanently bricking the device if something goes seriously wrong during the process like a power failure. Sound off and let me know what you think of this newest development in the battle between Apple and its biggest fans.

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