iPhone 4 Will Be Unlocked Very, Very Soon

Very exciting news for anyone who owns an iPhone 4 or any other iOS-powered device—iOS 4 was jailbroken over the weekend and the carrier unlock for the iPhone 4 will be here shortly. How shortly? Think in the next two days.

Thanks to those brave souls in the iPhone Dev Team, we will soon be able to get the best of both worlds:  iOS 4 and a carrier other than AT&T. Then again, the only real national player that uses GSM technology besides AT&T is T-Mobile, which may actually be a step down in network coverage and reliability (at least in my experience). Personally, I am still waiting for a CDMA iPhone to come out, but have been waiting since 2007.

Of course, since the iPad has been jailbroken also, maybe we can get an unlock for it that works when iOS 4 comes to it. That might be a really beneficial option since AT&T has cut their unlimited data plans. Some regional carriers still have dirt cheap texting and unlimited internet plans available so there is really no reason to have to be stuck on AT&T if the iPad is your multimedia device of choice. You might be surprised how quickly you can go through 2GB of data. Then again, a regional carrier might be a good option for your iPhone 4 if you do not travel outside of its limits often.

So, will you be jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone 4 or iPad? Remember, jailbreaking and unlocking has been deemed legal now, so the moral argument against it is out the window. Unless of course, you have an idol of Steve Jobs in your closet that you sacrifice Windows Mobile phones to. Remember! Jobs only wants to keep you safe. Or something like that. Then again, he has no problem lining his pockets while doing so. Sound off!

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