Secret iPhone 4 “Silent Recall” in the Works?

Apple might be pulling the old “silent recall” trick despite its press conference earlier today that announced free rubber bumper cases to anyone who purchased the iPhone. According to Gizmodo, numerous customers have been reporting that the iPhone “death grip” flaw—“Antennagate” as Apple CEO Steve Jobs has dubbed it—has cleared itself up after receiving replacement iPhone 4s. Some are even going so far as to say that the proximity sensors in their phones have been fixed too.  This is excellent although still unconfirmed news for anyone who has purchased or is looking to purchasing Apple’s wildly popular new smartphone.

The “silent recall” fix of units returned (remember Apple and AT&T are taking back phones without the usual restocking fee) is not universal however, since some tested units that have been gotten back from repair are still experiencing signal loss when touched in the lower left corner where the phone’s two integrated external antennas meet. However, since the phones are easily fixable through either an external rubber bumper case as apple is offering now or by taking apart the phone and installing a strip of rubber that does the same thing, no one can expect Apple to really keep pumping out flawed phones like this until the iPhone 5 comes out sometime next year. A permanent solution has to be somewhere on the horizon.

Until more information comes out, the silent recall is still just anecdotal evidence. Apple still will not admit that the phone needs to be physically repaired so even if one is secretly going on, do not expect official confirmation from the company. In the meantime, hurry and get one of those free cases Apple is promising or at least get a refund for the one you bought from them.

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