Iphone 4 ship date pushed back again

After the whole pre-ordering debacle presented by At&t one would imagine that not many iPhone 4’s were pre-ordered. Well that imagination may lead you to a very small door. Apple announced a day after the pre-order date that they accepted 600, 000 pre orders of their new toy. If you did not get your pre-order in, you will be waiting.

Most of the people that have already placed there pre orders for the iPhone 4 should have no problem getting the device on the release day June 24th. However if you were one of the unfortunate souls that stood in line, or continuously clicked the order button only to be turned away for your pre order the issues unfortunately gets worse. After the pre orders fiasco on June 15th, Apple updated their website stating that the new ship dates of the iPhone 4 would be July 2nd. This being only an 8 day wait most were likely upset but “OK” with the time frame all things considered.  A couple hours pass and checking back into the Apple store it seems that the ship date has been updated again, 12 more days added to the first listed 8 day time frame. If math is not your strong point, this will equate to waiting 20 days after the release of the phone.

We all know that the Apple iPhone is probably the most popular thing on earth, probably more popular than even the king of pop Michael Jackson. With Apples recent claims of expecting 3 million iPhone 4’s sold each month, it is hard to understand why these shipping dates are being pushed back. It will be interesting to see how long of a wait there will be after the iPhone 4 sells out on its first day, because the way things are looking there might not be enough to go around.

Did you place your pre order after 6/15, how do you feel about waiting 20 days for your iPhone 4 let us know.

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