All of the iPhone 4 Problems

Yesterday I mentioned a couple of problems that Apple’s new iPhone 4 has been having since customers first got their hands on the new smartphone. Here is a rundown on everything that could be wrong with that new iPhone 4 you have been dying to finally buy:

First, it might have yellow splotches or yellow bands on the screen. Not always initially either. Sometimes it takes a day for them to appear. While the iPhone had some screen problems at its last launch that were cleared up, it is still disappointing since the new screen is not only amazingly sharp (Apple CEO Steve Jobs claims you cannot make out individual pixels), but it also has some space age materials in it. All of the details are available here.

Second, numerous reports have come out about reception problems. It seems that new design for the iPhone 4 makes the metal band around the phone’s outer rim an antenna. The only problem is that depending on how you hold the phone, you might just get your call dropped. The reason is that the new antenna is actually two separate antennas (one handles GPS, Wi-FI and Bluetooth while the other handles the cellular reception). Touch both antennas at the same time while talking on the phone and BAM! you just lost almost all of your signal strength. Something to do with Apple’s new (presumably smarter) firmware that chooses which network band to use might be a contributing factor. Jobs of course is calling the problem “no big deal.” All of the details are available here.

Third, some odd reports of iPhone 4s that have swapped volume buttons (the one that increases the volume is marked with a ‘-‘ and the one that decreases the volume is marked with a ‘+’) have come out. While these reports are very minimal and certainly due to Foxconn (the iPhone’s primary manufacturer) messing up the assembly of a few phones, they make me wonder how much pressure both Apple and Foxconn were under to get enough units out in time for the launch.

All in all though, the iPhone 4 is still a very solid and advanced smartphone, so if you have been looking to get one, just know that problems #1 and #3 are both something that Apple will certainly exchange your phone for. Problem #2 (the reception issue) is fixable by putting one of those rubber bumpers on the phone so that your fingers are not in contact with the metal band around the rim. Apple might even be able to release a firmware fix for the problem in the near future.

Tell me if these problems are making you reconsider buying an iPhone 4, or if you have experienced any of them.

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