More iPhone 4 Problems

I have been talking a lot lately about all the various glitches that have been appearing in Apple’s iPhone 4 since its release. Between the screen yellowing, reception issues and some reports of swapped buttons (read all about it here), the new iPhone 4 sure has not seemed to be able to catch a break.  Things get more interesting for the iOS 4 powered smart phone however.  The Inquirer.nethas reported that some of the units have defective proximity sensors. Add this to the fact that Microsoft Exchange Calendar does not seem to be syncing properly for users who upgrade to iOS 4, and you have some angry customers.

What exactly does the proximity sensor do? It is the magical little bit of electrical engineering that turns off the iPhone’s screen when a call is in progress and the device nears your head. While this is supposed to prevent your ears from touching buttons on the phone’s screen, some users have started complaining that it just does not work properly on their new phones. A thread has popped up already on Apple’s support forum here, but no fix is available yet. Of course that assumes that a fix is possible and these simply are not defective units.

A poster on Apple’s support forum summed up the problem nicely:

“I’m having an issue with the Proximity Sensor not properly detecting when i’m holding my phone to my ear. I can confirm that the iPhone sensor is working by covering it with my finger, but when held to my face, the screen blinks as if it cannot decide to disable the screen or enable it. It results on me hanging up, putting calls on mute, and dialing numbers accidentally while i’m on the phone. This occurs on 90% of my calls.”

Ouch. Well how about the Microsoft Exchange synch problems? A differnent thread on Apple’s support site is up on that too:

“I just upgraded to iOS4 – I connect my iPhone to an Exchange server – mail and contacts work great – my calendar seems to show the right account info but the calendar is totally blank. Nothing on it at all. I even removed it and added it back and its still all blank.”

So what gives Apple? Are these new problems that have come to light due to glitch hardware, corrupted sync information that iOS 4 cannot seem to handle or just poor coding?

If you are having problems with your iPhone 4’s proximity sensor or having trouble synchronizing with Exchange after updating to iOS 4, let me know.

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