iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Manage to Crash Korean Website

Apple’s wildly popular iPhone 4 has managed to crash yet another website as it moves into pre-order stage in South Korea. Apple’s own website crashed due to the massive amount of pre-orders before the iPhone 4 went on sale this year, and it looks like South Korea’s KT Corp is the latest victim. More than 850,000 iPhones have been sold in South Korean since it first was available 9 months ago and it looks like the iPhone 4 could be even more popular.

Company spokesman Jin Byung-Kwon was quoted as saying that, “the number of orders for the iPhone exceeds well beyond that of the iPhone 3GS,” and he added that KT’s online shop server was “jammed instantly.” Hmm, it looks like the iPhone 4 is going to be a huge international product. No real surprise there.

Just wait until China gets the iPhone 4 and the iPad this September. While the iPhone 3GS has been available there since last October, it is being sold without Wi-Fi due to regulatory nonsense China imposes in a ploy to get people to adopt to its own version of Wi-Fi. However, reports are coming in that the iPhone 4 will be available with good old regular Wi-Fi which still holds a firm grip all over the world (China included actually). If South Korea can manage to sell nearly a million iPhones in less than a year, I wonder how many iPhone 4s China will need.

In case you haven’t bothered to read up lately on international smartphone market shares, Apple is currently in third place behind Nokia and Research In Motion (RIM). When you figure in the fact that the two in the lead have been around forever and are rapidly losing market share, then add in that Apple still has a lot of countries left to sell its products in, Apple might just move up a place by the end of the year.

Think Apple can surpass RIM and Nokia for global smartphone dominance? Or will Android catch up and pass it? Let me know what you think!

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