Lawsuits Begin: iPhone 4 the Target

The lawsuits against Apple and AT&T have started already in response to Apple’s new iPhone 4 and its reception issues. At least three of these lawsuits have been filed already, including two that may be class action. So what is Apple going to do? Not a whole lot at the moment it seems except advising everyone to not hold the phone that way and to buy one of Apple’s rubber bumper covers. Maybe Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs regrets now for responding to one complaint with, “Just avoid holding it [the iPhone 4] in that way.” Both of the class action lawsuits cite that now infamous reply.

I thought you cared about your extremely loyal customer base Jobs, so what gives? Has passing Microsoft in company value on the stock exchange gone to your head? It sure seems that way.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District court on Tuesday in California’s Northern District accuses both Apple and AT&T of fraud by concealment and defective design among other things. The real meat of the lawsuit is the claim that Apple knew all about the “design and manufacturing defects” before the iPhone 4 was released and did not disclose the problem to consumers. The lawsuit further alleges that the remedies currently available to consumers are unsatisfactory.

So what can Apple realistically do to fix the reception issues? It appears that without a redesign of the phone, not a whole lot. The company’s response so far has been that all cell phones’ signal strength is impacted to some extent depending on where it is held, and that the bars showing signal strength do not necessarily accurately reflect actual signal strength.

In the meantime, if you have an iPhone 4, one of those rubber bumper cases do help the problem, as does sticky tape attached around the phone’s external stainless steel antenna.

Experiencing reception issues? Still thinking of buying an iPhone 4 despite the reported problems? Shout out.

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