The iPhone 4 Might Make Movie Makers Out of All of Us

Remember how the iPhone 4 can shoot 720p HD video and has an optional app that lets you edit that same video right on your phone? This technology might spawn an entire culture and art movement of amateur (and maybe professional one day) filmmakers who see it as another medium to convey their messages. Don’t think this is possible? CNN did an entire feature on this concept and interviewed a number of individuals who have already started producing such films with only their iPhone 4s.

The technical results are actually quite astounding despite the hardware limitations. The iPhone 4 has an excellent camera capable of recording at 30 frames per second—enough I might add, to make actual video editing feasible. While no one is going to make any outrageous claims that an iPhone could ever hope to be a replacement for a real video camera and a desktop PC video editing suite, it is a viable alternative in certain situations.

However, the iMovie software ($4.99 on the iTunes App Store) still needs improvement. I am certain that Apple will continue to update the software package to address concerns over the difficulty of editing longer videos. Until that time though, many iPhone 4 filmmakers are using a combination of the iPhone 4 to shoot video and desktop computers to edit the footage. This may seem like cheating, but Apple has not perfected iMovie for iPhone yet.

This also brings up a number of other points that I’d like to talk about here. If Apple has any success with its movie editing software on its smartphones, other companies are sure to follow. I bet Google is working on something similar as we speak. As more companies develop competing mobile video editing solutions, customers will be the winners.

Also, this might just herald the age of the mobile video blogger. A number of smartphones besides the iPhone 4 can shoot video that is certainly good enough to post online. Even the BlackBerry is getting an integrated mobile YouTube video uploading app in OS 6. No longer will a film crew be needed to show what is happening through the medium of video, but a legion of users with interest in what is going on around them might just step in to help.

The written word has long been a standard format to express ideas and opinions. Film has been far too expensive for the average person to use for the majority of the time that it has been available. Only until the past 20 years or so have we even seen video cameras for regular people at prices that are affordable. Guess what? That iPhone 4 you picked up for $200 with contract will put anything twice as expensive a few years ago to shame.

While critics will decry the majority of video blogging and nearly all of YouTube as bored people with little to nothing to contribute except their own, unwanted opinions, give this some time. We can all remember video on the Internet before YouTube. Look at how fast and how far film and the Internet have come since them.

In the meantime, why not leave a comment and let me know if you think if video production on a smartphone is just a fad, or a real solution that could bring the medium of film to the billions without access to computers or video cameras.

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