iGame? The iPhone 4 Can Scream

id Software’s Rage runs at 60 frames per second on the iPhone 4. Pretty amazing when you consider the fact that the company’s legendary co-founder John Carmack claims that the game will “kill anything done on the Xbox or Playstation 2.” Maybe Apple had this as a secret plan all along. With processing power like the iPhone 4 packs, built-for-gaming machines like the PSP look outdated. Okay, okay, I admit, there have not been many high-end games yet for the iOS platform, but the latest iPhone could change all that.

Even though Rage is still in development, it definitely looks like a step above what’s currently available in hand-held gaming. Of course, it probably drains batteries like it’s nobody’s business, but hey, who doesn’t keep a few extra USB charging cables for their iPhone around? The reason we all love iOS is because when we start using it, we end up spending larger and larger amounts of our time on it. It’s no longer just a mobile platform; it’s our quickest access point to information and entertainment.

Love or hate the iPhone, you have to admit that Rage could herald a new generation of smartphone gaming—one that pushes hardware measured in gigahertz and gigabyte. I think most of us can still remember when even our desktop machines were measured in megahertz and megabyte. How long until we get to see smartphones made for gaming? Perhaps an Android OS-powered Alienware? We can only hope.

Rage will hit the iTunes App Store late this year so be sure to check it out when it does. Even if first person shoots aren’t your thing, you have to admit that the graphics are beautiful and really show off the iPhone 4 can do. And just think, this is only the first game coming that will test what the new hardware is capable of.

Apple’s iOS is so successful because it really does so many things well. Well enough that other companies are willing to invest money into developing applications for it. Not just niche apps either, or the ported game of solitaire. We’re talking that stuff that companies are releasing into a real, growing market that they need a piece of.

Tell me what you think, and if Apple’s motion sensor and touchscreen technologies are good enough to use as a gaming controller. I want to know what you think.

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