Apple’s iPhone 4 Still Not Recommended By Consumer Reports


Apple’s popular new iPhone 4 still does not have a ‘recommended’ rating by Consumer Reports. The ‘Antennagate’ reception fiasco Apple has mostly managed to wade through is the culprit. Surprisingly, despite the lack of a recommened by Consumer Reports, the iPhone 4 is still its top rated smartphone. The older iPhone 3GS has the coveted recommendation however.

I know the iPhone 4 has a design flaw. Yes, Antennagate is real. Yes, you might experience dropped calls because of it. And yes, Apple is no longer just giving away cases as of September 30 (you now need to go through a complaint process on a case by case basis). But the iPhone 4 is still one of the very best smartphones available.

Its operating system is the best (go ahead and hate), its processor speed, RAM and graphics configuration is one of the strongest around, and it has by far the most apps of any smartphone platform. The only two flaws that the iPhone 4 really has are its reception issues and AT&T. Is that enough to not give it a recommend rating from Consumer Reports? Consumer Reports thinks so.

However, in the age of online magazines and reviews that are posted before models even come to stores, you have to wonder if the magazine is trying to attract some publicity for itself. Why else would it rate the iPhone 4 the highest but not give it the title? After the story of broke about the magazine not recommending it, Consumer Reports was popping up online everywhere with people reporting its decision over and over in an endless cycle.

I would give Consumer Reports more credibility on this if it ranked the iPhone 4 lower and decided to recommend a smartphone that didn’t drop calls. However, right now, it seems to me like it is trying to play everyone. Its like if the magazine gave a new car its best ratings and then decided not to recommend it because sometimes it did not start. What the heck kind of reviewing is that? Don’t give it a high rating then. You can’t have it both ways.

Let me know what you think of Consumer Reports decision and did Apple ruin its newest smartphone with its design flaw?

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