Monaco iPhone 4 cases

So you have just spent anywhere from two hundred too three hundred dollars on your new iPhone 4, this was good investment my friend. Just look at your phone, its sleek lines high quality build, and not to mention all the powerful things the iPhone 4 can do.

But how would you feel if your new iPhone 4 was to take a tumble and end up looking like the one in the picture below? No too good I would imagine. Look your phone again it is your lifeline, it is the first thing you check in the morning, and most likely the last thing you look at before you sleep. So why sacrifice protecting your new toy, put a case around it. There are many options of protection trickling out into the market, but they are either lacking in quality, they are too over priced or they simply are not in stock or in some cases not even made yet.

 When thinking of quality protective and carrying solutions, there are many names that might come to mind. Currently there are thousands of aftermarket iPhone 4 products being pushed out the doors of manufacturers all around the globe.  The majority of these products and iPhone cases will fall short in the quality department.  But this is where Monaco and steps in. is currently offering pre-orders of the new Monaco cases for the iPhone 4. The cases range in design from standard horizontal leather pouches to the full protection of the classically famous Monaco aluminum cases. Looking at the fragility of these new iPhone 4’s the Monaco Aluminum cases; stand to provide some serious protection when you find your famed Gorilla glass is subject to being dropped.

Currently there are seven Monaco designs for the new iPhone 4, the Aluminum cases in case the whole phone and ship in either silver or black. The other options out of the Monaco camp are the Flip or Book type leather cases, these cases offer protection with a professional design. The horizontal and vertical pouch type leather cases, are standard issued carrying solutions for the iPhone 4, the last design in the Monaco line up which is a high selling favorite amongst users is the Monaco iPhone sleeve type leather cases, fitting like a glove and providing both carrying solutions as well as protective solutions. is will be the first to carry this range of Monaco cases, and is currently taking pre-orders on them; is also offering free shipping on all pre-orders for the Monaco cases.

  Check out the range of Monaco cases WirelessGround will be offering here;

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