The iPhone 4 Gets its Carrier Unlock

Apple’s iPhone 4 has been jailbroken and now unlocked all within the course of this week. Thanks to the team behind ultrasn0w—a carrier unlock—the new smartphone has been released from the shackles of AT&T. The new unlock also brings unlocking to newer model iPhone 3G/3GSs with basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 and 05.13.04. Since the government has legalized jailbreaking and unlocking cellular phones, there really is no excuse now to not jailbreak and unlock. You never know when you might need to make a FaceTime call over 3G or be able to download streaming content from your iPhone 4 and play it back.

To use the ultrasn0w unlock, you will first need to jailbreak your iPhone 4 if you have not already. Of course, you should always do a backup before any modification to your smartphone’s operating system just in case. Then, using the Cydia app store on your jailbroken device (it normally comes preloaded with jailbreaks), download “ultrasn0w” and run the program. It handles the rest and voila, you have an unlocked iPhone 4—or 3G/3GS if you were unlucky enough to get a later produced one with a changed baseband. (The baseband is like the operating system but for the cellular radio inside the device and lets the iPhone communicate with it.)

If you cannot find ultrasn0w, then you need to do a little bit of fiddling around within Cydia. Figure out how to add the repository “” and search for ultrasn0w again. Plenty of help on this topic is available online, so I will not go into much more depth here. Basically, repositories are servers filled with iOS software or ‘apps’ and are accessed by 3rd party app stores like Cydia and Rock. If the repository with ultrasn0w on it is not in the list that Cydia checks, then you cannot download it.

Are you going to unlock your iPhone 4 or at least your 3G/3GS? Do not forget that you might have to download some carrier settings as well for whatever network you plan on using the unlocked on. There is still no word as to whether or not the iPhone 4 and its broadened support for more wireless frequencies will let it access T-Mobile’s 3G network. We will have to wait until this unlock has been out for a little while longer so that those eager hackers have time to figure everything out for us.

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