Does your iPhone 4’s Camera Tint Photos Blue in the Center?

Does your iPhone 4 take blue tinted pictures at close range?

It has been a while since I wrote a story about hardware problems with Apple’s iPhone 4 but this deserves mentioning. Apparently, many iPhone 4 owners are complaining that the smartphone tints the center of photos blue. The problem is only really noticeable when pictures of white objects are taken.

We’ve all experienced or at least heard of a multitude of problems with the iPhone 4: Broken proximity sensors reactivating the touchscreen in the middle of calls, signal attenuation from “death grips,” yellow tinted pictures, yellowed screens, and even swapped volume buttons.

While the majority of these problems have been fixed by turning in the affected iPhone for a new one, I am sure some are out there suffering through them. Why so many problems? Bad things are bound to happen when Apple cracks the whip on its ‘iPhone cities’ in China and tries to bring production levels up enough to meet demand. That and contract manufacturing always has some slipups.

Back to the blue tint problem with the iPhone 4’s camera.

The problem is being reported with both still pictures and videos taken with the rear-facing, 5 megapixel camera. Proximity to the object seems to have a lot to do with it. Anyone else wonder if this is just a side-effect of the LED flash reflecting off of white objects?

Another possibility is the use of cases. On the MacRumor forums, one poster recommends outlining the hole cut out for the flash and camera with a black magic marker. Apparently the flash reflects off of the case and causes light leakage into the picture.

Regardless of what is exactly causing the problem, it looks like Apple has a lot to change in the iPhone 5. The antenna will almost certainly be redesigned and Apple will give the units more time to sit in the warehouse before shipping so that the screens do not yellow from the glue holding the pieces together (some didn’t have time to cure properly, causing the yellow tinted screens).

Then again, where the heck is the white iPhone 4? It’s been delayed until sometime in 2011. Could we see the Verizon iPhone 4 before the white AT&T iPhone 4? That would be embarrassing for Apple.

Let me know if you’ve noticed the blue tinted picture problem. Does it happen for videos you take as well?

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