The iPhone 4’s Camera Takes Yellow Tinted Pictures

Ah, Apple’s new iPhone 4. You have heard about all of the reception issues, yellowed screen problems and swapped buttons, but have you tried taking pictures indoors with the smartphone? While the camera has been updated to a 5 megapixel from the iPhone 3GS’s 3 megapixel, all is not well. Apparently, pictures taken with it under normal lighting conditions indoors end up with a noticeable yellow tinting. Ouch.

The reason that indoor pictures are turning out yellow is actually pretty simple. The new iPhone 4 is designed to be able to take better pictures in low light conditions. Unfortunately, it seems that the phone has decided that if you are indoors, you are in a low light condition and activates the “boost,” which changes the white balance for your shot. Thus, yellow tinted pictures.

The good news at the bottom of all of this though, is the fact that Apple sets the white balance for the camera through software. An update patch should be able to clear up the problem. I expect Apple to be rolling it out soon, and probably with the one that is supposed to fix the misrepresented signal strength bars.

Photo editing software like Adobe’s Photoshop (I am chuckling as I write this since Apple snubbed Adobe’s Flash Player software and basically called it crap) can fix your pictures in the meantime, since some simple adjustments to the colors makes the pictures look like they should. It is a hassle though to have to manually go through your pictures and fix them. I guess Apple was under a lot of pressure to roll out the new phone as quickly as possible and did not test it as thoroughly as it should.

Have your indoor pictures taken on the iPhone 4 been coming out yellow tinted? Angry at Apple for yet another problem? Will all of these “glitches” that have popped up on the new phone make you reconsider buying one? Shout out and let me know what you are thinking.

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