Bluetooth Issues on the iPhone 4: Possible Antenna Link

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Apparently, the voice and data reception on Apple’s new iPhone 4 is not all that and is catching mixed signals lately from the Apple drones—some customers are also reporting dismal Bluetooth performance from the popular smart phone. While reports so far have been thin and scattered, Bluetooth accessory company Jawbone acknowledged the problem in an email exchange with ZDNet columnist Jason O’Grady. Jawbone is aware that the iPhone 4 has been having troubles with all Bluetooth devices and the company is working on a fix with Apple and AT&T.

However, Apple still has been failed to even acknowledge that the iPhone 4 might have a real, physical problem with its newly redesigned antenna. A press conference scheduled for this Friday will be expected to unveil the claimed software patch for the cellular reception problem, even though most testers assert that the problem cannot be fixed without a recall and a redesign. Unless a large group of vocal iPhone 4 owners start shouting about the Bluetooth signal problem, Apple might pretend that it has never heard of it before.

What are we to do here Apple? We really want to buy your new iPhone 4 but now Bluetooth problems? How exactly are we supposed to not touch the new phone for fear of our signal strength dropping off when cannot even properly use our Bluetooth headsets on it? Quite disappointing, and I assume that it has something to do with the fact that the Bluetooth antenna was redesigned and integrated into the phone’s external stainless steel rim just like the cellular antenna. That magic little spot you touch to lose your bars on your iPhone 4? That is where the two antennas meet. C’mon Apple, hurry up and do something impressive to woo us all back to your magical land of sexy devices and stuff that just works.

Sound off and let me know what you think or to let me know if you too are having Bluetooth problems with your iPhone 4.

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