The Damage the iPhone 4 Took From Antennagate

While I am not sure exactly how accurate the survey was, information released from analyst firm Piper Jaffray’s poll of 258 cellphone users in Minnieapolis, MN is quite interesting. The ‘Antennagate’ fiasco that marked the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4 took quite a bite out of sales. According to Piper Jaffray, 20% of people who knew about the signal attenuation problems on the newest iPhone were impacted in their smartphone purchasing decisions by it. Of course, the company also noted that for every one customer who said they were impacted by Antennagate, three complained that they wanted the iPhone on Verizon’s network, even though that was not a question on the survey.

Apple is already having trouble keeping up with iPhone 4 orders, and has delayed the white iPhone 4 model twice now already. Maybe these numbers have not even impacted sales. The company also believes that Apple will still sell 11 million iPhone 4s in the third quarter of this year.

However, besides just this report, I am sure a lot of readers at least know someone who has been apprehensive of the iPhone 4 because of the signal problems. Anyone you know not get one yet because they are worried about dropped calls? They waiting or already switch to an Android OS smartphone? Let me know.

I know several people with iPhone 3GSs who have not upgraded yet since they are waiting and seeing. The Antennagate story was circulated over and over for a while, and the Consumer Reports snub did not help things either. The signal problems have seemed to die down now, but with the free case giveaway ending on the 30th of this month, things are still a little uncertain.

Let me know what you think.

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