iPhone 4 confirmed with 512 MB of RAM

It has been confirmed by Macrumors.com that the new iPhone 4 is carrying twice the amount of RAM than its older siblings the iPad and the iPhone 3gs.

When Apple announced its newest iPhone, the iPhone 4 they seemingly left out some key specs that the tech world has been dying to know. Since the launch of the new iPhone 4 Apple has kept the processor speed and RAM numbers too themselves. This is a common strategy from Apple with product launches as they would rather you be thrilled with its charming looks, and ease of use than what exactly is under the hood. But for some people including me, we need a little more than that as these specs are indeed a point of interest in regard to purchasing computer products. The 3GS iPhone carried 256MB of RAM, while its ancestors ran with 128MB of RAM. The newly released iPad is in this case is a very large 3GS as they share the same amount of RAM 256MB. The information posted by Macrumors.com has stated that the iPhone 4 will be carrying 512MB of RAM; this is twice as much as the 3GS and iPad. Early prototypes that leaked onto the internet a few months ago show that the “demo” version of the iPhone 4 was only packing that of its older counter parts, 256MB. The rumor of the 512MB being on the iPhone 4 was floating around by reports from the Digitimes, as well as it purportedly being thrown around at some WWDC developer sessions a few weeks back.

With this amount of RAM you can do many things, what you ask? Well you can run iOS, allowing you to multitask, and actually run iMovie. These are the same reasons why you will not see these features on your 3Gs or iPad as 256MB is simply not enough.

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