iPhone 3GS Special for $97

Apple fans looking for a deal on previous models of the iPhone should head to the nearest Wal-Mart as soon as possible. Beginning Tuesday, the mass sector retailer has been offering their iPhone 3GS units at the low price of $97, slashed at more than half of the original price for this particular model. This is currently the cheapest smartphone, not only for Wal-Mart but for the entire Apple iPhone 3GS lineup. It is even much cheaper than their 8 GB model which is sold at $99.

Until the iPhone 4G is unveiled during the WorldWide Developers Conference beginning June 7, the iPhone 3GS is Apple’s current model available on the market. Wal-Mart is currently alone in the pursuit of offering a 50% discount on the iPhone 3GS. Neither the Apple Store, their exclusive carrier AT&T nor Best Buy offered anything similar to what Wal-Mart is currently doing. However, much like other retailers, Wal-Mart has retained the original $299 tag for their 32 GB models.

Although only one retailer is presently offering discounted iPhone 3GS units, it raises speculations that Apple will be unveiling the iPhone 4G at the WWDC. Some sources indicate that electronic manufacturers follow a trend which involves slashing the prices of their current models prior to the introduction of a new item in their lineup.

More Apple iPhone rumors have been circulating now especially after Steve Jobs has confirmed that he himself will be delivering the keynote speech during the WWDC conference. Another spokesperson made the address last year as Jobs was away for a liver transplant. Fans will be waiting as to how the iPhone 4G will really look like and function, after so many leaks and dramas surrounding the upcoming device.

As of the time of this post, there has been no report as to when the sale would end. The discounted unit will still come with a two year service contract under AT&T, much like other iPhone models.

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