iPhone 3G Owners Should See Improved iOS 4 Soon

Been hoping to update your iPhone 3G to iOS 4 for the new features but terrified of the performance bit it takes out of everything? Hope is on the way. Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated in an email (you would think Apple would have taken away his email privileges by now) that an update is “coming soon” in response to a question from a user about what he should do with his iPhone 3G and iOS 4. MacRumors is reportinusg this, not BoyGeniusReport (remember the fake Jobs email debacle?) so I would take it with some credibility.

Apple has already stated that it is “looking into” the performance issues with iOS 4 and the iPhone 3G and some are reporting that developers playing around with the coming iOS 4.1 update are getting better performance than iOS 4. I would wait for confirmation of iOS 4.1 improving iPhone 3G speed to something acceptable before updating when it comes out, but keep your fingers crossed. The iPhone 3G still has some good life left it in and iOS 4 brings some excellent features.

Of course, if you already took the plunge and updated your iPhone 3G (or iPod touch for that matter), then jailbreaking to downgrade back to iOS 3 is still an option. Remember, jailbreaking was legalized recently so its not like you’re breaking any laws by fixing Apple’s problems yourself with a little ingenuity. Just make sure to backup your data first.

So is iOS 4 really worth the update? I want to know what you think of the operating system. How is it running for you out there with the iPhone 3GS? The new folders and email functions really worth it? How about the rest of the OS? Does it work well for you? Leave a comment and let everyone know how things are working out for you.

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