iPad Not Allowed in Yankee Stadium

The iPad may be grabbing the attention of millions of people, but owners have to be careful on where they bring their devices. Although advertised as being more portable than a laptop, apparently you can’t take your much loved device anywhere you wish. Officials have stated that the iPad is banned from entry into Yankee Stadium for security reasons. No, we are not referring to terrorism, although it may seem as such. Apparently, Yankee Stadium considers the device as more of a laptop. According to Yankee Stadium’s current security policies, laptops and video cameras are some of the items barred from entry.

Even though owners may argue that the iPad is really just a large smartphone, apparently its size and features is a cause of concern for the security personnel in Yankee Stadium. Though seemingly ridiculous to hear, it is understandable to a certain extent. The Stadium does not wish to get sued by a fan who got distracted by his/her device and then got hit by a ball or bat during the game. This particular policy is not standard to all stadiums however. Stadiums home to teams such as the Seattle Mariners and the California Angels allow entry of the device into their sports grounds.

It is interesting to note that Yankee Stadium would feel that way about laptops and similar devices such as the iPad. Don’t sports writers for online companies and magazines bring their laptops to games to make up to the minute reports? It beats bringing a pen and paper and rushing to find the nearest shop to type up a report afterwards.

Readers are advised not to test the security in Yankee Stadium on this report. The area does not have any storage area available, which means you either have to leave the device somewhere else or not see the game at all. It is highly doubtful anyway that you would be able to watch the game while carrying the iPad. Take your pick.

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