Everyone Wants an iPad: PC Sales Cannibalized?

Best Buy’s CEO is sure to be stirring up some controversy with his latest remark that the iPad is cannibalizing up to 50% of PC sales. Brian Dunn made those remarks while being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. Do you believe that the number is that high? Sure, the iPad delivers quite a user experience but iOS is not exactly Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac OS X by any stretch of the imagination.

The numbers of PC’s that the iPad has ‘cannibalized’ doesn’t seem to phase Best Buy however. The company is planning on selling iPads at all of its 1,093 stores by September 26. Target stores are going to be getting the iPad too soon in the near future (think October 3rd). Apple certainly is gearing up for the holiday season, so expect iPhones, iPod touches and iPads to sell in record numbers by the end of the holidays.

Consumers seem to be shifting away from traditional PC offerings and instead focusing on the high tech devices that are appearing now like the iPad. Think tablets, smartphones and high end cameras. After all, you only need one PC to do what you need to. All of the recent tech innovations seem to be focused on touchscreens, cameras and new ways to keep in touch away from home or the office.

While I am happy that these new devices are getting their days in the sun, just remember that to do anything serious with these things, you do need a real PC. Updating iOS systems requires a PC, as does seriously editing movies, pictures and audio. Have consumers gotten their fill of upgrading their PCs on a regular basis and now want in on all of the new goodies? That is certainly a plausible scenario. After all, you really don’t need the newest PC to do everything. With more options available, consumers might be moving away from their regular PC upgrade schedules and spending more money on different devices that promise more mobile functionality. Even laptops are feeling too 2000’s now.

So guys and girls. You think mobile devices are the future or a temporary fad that will die down to more normal levels with PCs still playing the dominant role in tech markets for the next ten years?

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