iPad Threatens Nintendo

Apple products are able to do a variety of functions, including accessing the Internet, downloading content and opening a variety of files. Even with the iPhones, it was already possible to download and play video games. It is of little surprise that the unveiling of the iPad would turn heads, more than just the tablet and e-reader industry. One company taking notice is Nintendo, renowned manufacturer of a variety of gaming consoles which includes the Wii and DS consoles.

The Japanese gaming console company is apparently taking Apple and the iPad quite seriously. During a meeting with the senior executives, Satoru Iwata, the gaming console company president allegedly said that Apple will be their main competition in the future. Analyst Lewis Ward from IDC commented, “Nintendo would be dumb not to have this on their radar.”

Apparently, the iPad is already making a dent on what was once Nintendo’s realm. This past April, their sales dropped by 26%, the fourth largest over the last several years. However, this figure is said to be misleading, as Nintendo plans to release a new console, the 3DS. The drop may have been influenced by this upcoming product, with consumers saving and waiting for the 3DS. Hopefully they are not holding off for the next Apple device instead.

Some analysts think it will all depend on how consumers spend their extra cash. Gaming consoles are cheaper compared to the iPad and iPhone but their games are significantly more expensive. To illustrate, DS games cost $35 – $50 each as compared to Apple’s $5. More than the price, consumers may try to weigh the advantages in terms to the games available. Some of the classic games such as the Mario series and Donkey Kong are exclusive to Nintendo. A gaming console would still appeal for the younger generation of consumers who are more interested in graphics and playing comfort while the iPad and iPhone would cater to older consumers looking for more functionality in their devices.

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