The iPad and Mercedes

Arguably considered the first of its kind on the market today, the iPad is seeing more action in the business sector as well. Not limited to providing entertainment to regular users, consumers interested in buying or renting a Mercedes Benz should expect to find the device during their next visit to the dealership.

Mercedes Benz is attempting to do something entirely new in their business. With the use of a pilot program developed especially for them, interested buyers will now be able to complete the paperwork process without having to leave the side of the car. This will make the entire transaction less stressful for both parties. Salespeople will be able to input and change data on their iPad in front of the customer, allowing for a more transparent process. Having the device on hand will also be more convenient for salespeople, eliminating the need for a paper and pen to take down notes of details or information then scrambling to the nearest cubicle or computer station to input the data.

Although Mercedes-Benz is currently the first in attempting to incorporate the iPad into the luxury car industry, it is not a surprising move. Companies such as Mercedes and BMW are known to offer added perks for those consumers interested in buying their vehicles. Manufacturers of luxury cars are renowned to adapt more quickly and use technology in their vehicles or way of business, as compared to manufacturers and dealerships catering to more affordable vehicles and consumers.

There are currently 40 US dealerships which have started to use the iPads. The integration of this new technology is hoped to turn into better sales of their vehicles. If this pilot program and technology does produce better sales, consumers can expect to find iPads in all of their 350 dealers in the United States. This could also mean additional sales for Apple itself.

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