iPad Keyboard App

For those who already have an iPad, you may find that it is quite uncomfortable to do any decent amount of typing done on the device. It is not exactly a device you could do some heavy typing but there are those who would still like to do at least some level typing. In comparison to a smartphone, the screen on an iPad is much larger. The size makes it difficult to type with your thumbs, most especially in landscape mode. Some type holding the device with one hand and type with the other. Even with two hands, the size of the buttons and the spacing makes it difficult to type with speed. An app gives a creative way of rearranging the keypad, the Keyboard Upgrade.

Despite the name, Keyboard Upgrade is not an OS upgrade but just an app. This means iPad users cannot change the default keyboard. Apple currently does not allow any apps which change the settings of OS. The app acts as a separate text-editor which allows users to resize, split up the keys or move the keyboard to make it more flexible for use.

For $0.99, Keyboard Upgrade should provide some fun while typing on the iPad. Resizing the keys should make it easier for users to type with their thumbs or other fingers. However, for a 1.0 version, the app still has a lot of bugs and kinks which developers need to fix. For one, if you split the keyboard, the spacebar also splits but the right side of the spacebar does not work at all. Another major issue is that the app has no locking feature and is easily resettable. Any rotating movement, however minute, automatically resets the keypad to its default size and position. In connection, users cannot save their keyboard settings, which means users need to reposition or resize the keyboard each time they use the app. For its price, it is an app worth trying or having fun with but not use for any heavy duty typing. Hopefully, Apple would do some updates instead.

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