iPad on Jetstar

One of our recent articles featured the iPad being used as the in-flight entertainment for one airline. This was part of the announcement from Bluebox Avionics, although it was initially assumed to first appear on a British flight. We have just received word that the device will be on Australian flights instead. Passengers on a few selected flights from Jetstar will be experiencing first-hand how the tablet works while way up in the air.

Interestingly enough, although the iPad may be considered as a luxury because of its retail price, the device is being offered on Jetstar, a budget airline under Qantas. For the low price of AU$10 or just under US$ 9, passengers will be able to rent the device and watch movies and TV shows, listen to audio, read books or play games.

The iPad will be offered on a limited number of domestic flights lasting at least an hour or more. This phase is only intended to last for two weeks as a trial to see how the flying members of the public will react to this offer. According to May, “If the trial works, we want to put them on every aircraft because they’re so much slimmer and lighter than our existing units. It means we’ll be able to get more on and it means more people will be able to have the entertainment service.”

The promo should fare well even in Australia, especially for consumers who would like to give the Apple tablet a try without having to actually purchase one. It is a less expensive option. Bruce Buchanan, the company’s chief executive stated, “Given the demand for the iPad so far, I anticipate it will have strong appeal amongst our passengers. Based on demand for the iPads as part of the trial, we’ll be looking to roll out the devices across our entire domestic and international network later in the year.” With that, flying just became much cooler.