iPad App Flying Without Fear

Just recently we gave a report that airline patrons may expect to find an iPad during one of their British flights. Even if it may take a while before the rest of the world sees an iPad as in-flight entertainment, it may still be worth carrying during your next trip.

A large number of people have a fear of flying. The reasons may vary as to why they do but flying is largely unavoidable, especially those who have a business or like to travel. There are a few apps that have been developed for the iPad which would hopefully help in calming fearful flyers.

One important app is “Flying Without Fear” by Mental Workout, renowned for making software on well-being and relaxation. This app was developed in collaboration with Virgin Airlines. The app costs $4.99 with audio and video files. There is also a Q&A portion which should answer basic questions on flying and explain some of the things that happen or could happen during a flight. The app even includes a few breathing exercises which passengers can do in case of turbulence or when experiencing panic attacks. There is also a section where owners can tap on links, an added distraction for passengers already showing signs of a panic attack. Mental Workout may also release a free version to this popular app soon.

Compared to other mobile devices, the iPad may be safer to carry and use during the flight. This should provide essential distraction while flying, although it is recommended to try the breathing exercises a few weeks prior to the actual flight. For jet lag, the two companies have also produced Jet Lag Fighter. Similar to the previous app, it lists several techniques and relaxation exercises which should be beneficial in reducing the effects of having jet lag.