New iPad 2 Rumor Hints at Size and Speakers

See the speaker?

While the Apple iPad 2 rumors have been big touting improved specs like screen resolution, processor speed and the like, the latest talks about the actual physical dimensions of the tablet and the speakers inside. Okay, it is not the most exciting stuff, but it should keep your iPad love under control until you can actually get your hands on one. When is that? Probably not until sometime in March 2011.

According to the Japanese language website Kanteidan Blog—which cites an anonymous Chinese source (aren’t they all?)—the iPad 2 will be 239 mm (9.41 inches) by 186 mm (7.32 inches). That is just a tad under the current iPad model with its 243 mm (9.56 inches) by 190 mm (7.47 inches) size. Apple is keeping the actual screen the same size at 9.7” but slightly reducing the bezel around it. Also, the back of the iPad 2 will be flat, like the iPhone 4’s.

As for the speakers, the iPad will have a “wide-ranged” speaker in the lower right of the back of the case. What exactly is a wide-ranged speaker? I’m guessing something that is designed to allow the iPad 2 to project its sound throughout a decent sized room. After all, you just know people will use Apple’s new tablet to watch movies with friends and give business presentation. And for that, you need a speaker that can fill a room without sounding tinny and distorted at full volume.

The Japanese website also mentions that the iPad 2 is expected to have both front and rear facing cameras and further confirms that they will be up to spec with what is currently found in the iPhone 4. Five megapixels for the rear camera with 720p HD video recording abilities and 0.3 megapixels (VGA) in the front facing camera for FaceTime. This is pretty much a given considering that even the iPod touch 4 has two cameras now. Apple wants FaceTime to become the video calling software that everyone uses. Now we just need to wait for better support on actual computers for it become a replacement for Skype and the like.

Overall, do you like the way the iPad 2 is shaping up? Apple loves to make small, continuous improvements to its product lines and that’s exactly what Kanteidan Blog is confirming. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if it is offered in both CDMA and GSM varieties. If we’re really lucky, Apple will simply make two models, one Wi-Fi only and one with both cellular technologies on a single chip so it can be used on any network.

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*Photo is a rendering*

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