The iPad 2 Coming Next Spring? iPhone 4G? CDMA iPhone? Rumor Time!


As always with Apple’s products, speculation and rumor abound. The newest rumors concerning Apple’s iOS lineup are certainly juicy. Read on for the details on each.

iPad 2

Rumors have been circulating for quite a while now that Apple will be rolling out a new iPad with a small screen. It was probably too much to hope to see Apple say something about the next iPad at its iPod touch 4 event, but hopefully the company will talk about the next iPad soon. The iPad 2 is speculated to have a 7” screen. Some analysts are expecting Apple to go to the smaller size instead of shipping two iPad screen size models in addition to having Wi-Fi only and GSM cellular versions of each.

According to Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Redshaw, the new iPad will be able to take HD video with both its front and rear cameras. That’s awesome news for anyone who needs to do a lot of FaceTime video calling. Businesses will love it too.

iPhone 4G

AT&T is rolling out a national 4G (LTE or Long Term Evolution) network. It won’t start going online until 2011, but AT&T plans to have 70 million Americans covered by the end of next year. You know what this means right? Apple is certainly going to be building a 4G model of its iPhone. Since the next expected AT&T release should be sometime next year, it might get to be one of the first AT&T 4G smartphones to hit the market. Then again, it was not until the iPhone 3G that Apple got with the 3G program. Apple is probably going to be incorporating near field technology into it’s next model, and expect something with facial recognition too since Apple just bought a company that specializes in the field.

CDMA iPhone

I know, Verizon iPhone rumors have been old since 2007. However, the rumors surrounding the possibility of a Verizon iPhone have only been strengthened by Kumar’s claim that Pegatron is currently building 20 million iPhone 4s with CDMA chipsets (Verizon uses CDMA technology unlike AT&T). He also added that it’s a “near certainty,” for Verizon to be getting an iPhone. I know, let’s hope it’s true.

The new Apple rumors and speculation enough to keep you interested in what the company is up to? Apple excels not only at making great devices and supporting them well through its iTune stores and operating systems, but it truly is a master at getting the media to follow their every move. Let me know if you are interested in an iPhone 4G through AT&T, hoping the Verizon iPhone is real, or think a 7” iPad 2 with HD FaceTime is something you would want.

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